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Early 2016 I signed with Team ILR, ran by road racing legend Ian Lougher, for a season in British Superstock 1000. This sounds fancy, but in reality, I paid them to ride (thanks to my sponsors!). Still – at the time signing was a dream come true. I’d never been happier. This dream however unraveled quickly, from a scrapped pre-season test, to missing the first race due to a dead battery, to not getting the coaching from Ian that I expected. Especially the latter hit me hard, as it was the main reason for joining the team. On top of that I never felt at home, we never had dinner as a team, etc. This was starting to chip away at me mentally, to the point where I was quicker without team on a track day, than with team at race meets. The team and I split with 3 rounds left to go, after two adults over twice my age blamed me for ALL the issues we had that year. I was heartbroken. I almost quit the sport altogether. Yet I realized something VERY important: a good team doesn’t need a big name behind it. Far more important are a great mechanic and atmosphere. I founded my own team, bought my own #ZX10R, and switched to road racing. I am the first and only woman to ever compete in #IRRC (European road racing series). I finished 14th overall in the Superbike class in 2017, set a fastest lap, and scored multiple top 10s. At the start of 2018, I finished 21st in my first big international road race. I’m the fastest woman by miles at every road I’ve raced. And this is only the beginning…


I am a retired #professionalhockey player running land based shark fishing charters off of #PensacolaBeach. Land based shark fishing is a sport for the hardcore athlete. We're talking 200 lb braided line with 1,000 lb leader with a 20/0 circle hook on a reel that can lock down 100 lbs. of drag. We take the kayak out up to 800 yds. to drop big baits like barracuda, stingray, bonito, and jack crevalle. There's nothing like the sound of the clicker screaming in the middle of the night letting you know you are hooked up to a stud shark! We #catchandrelease (and often tag) all sharks we land.


As I’m on my #lastlap still moving forward working my way up from last place, I’m still pushing to win, only thought running through my mind is it’ll all be worth it in the end. As I come through scoring I see that I’m in 2nd place, 30 seconds behind the leader!! I was still so stoked, I couldn’t believe I worked my way up from 15th to 2nd!! If anyone knows how #harescrambles work, they are a long 2-hour woods race!! Still working a fulltime job to come home and work in the garage on the quads and make sure they are 100% for #raceday!!


Imagine hearing a shrill, shrieking security alarm going off at around 11:00 pm. Having to run down to the armory to gather the Kevlar vest and helmet, don a utility belt with ammunition and a 9mm handgun, and finally, carry a fully loaded m14 rifle. Now that you're completely #armed, run back up two flights of stairs to patrol the top deck of the ship as the helicopters and rescue boat bring in the Iranian merchant mariners from a nearby sinking ship. Not only are you making sure that the mariners are safe, but you're also making sure that the crew of your own ship was safe and secure. Leading the crew members to the medical facility to be checked over and receive fresh clothes, then down to a secure holding area for the night. Standing guard outside of the door all night long to make sure these foreign sailors did not leave the area and wander off. A night without sleep was a small price to pay to rescue humans in need, but also to ensure that your friends (people that have become brothers and sisters), can rest soundly knowing that there are people on watch to keep them #safe.


A few years ago I was told by an instructor at a gym that I wasn’t strong. I decided to go to a #CrossFit gym and ended up competing in local competitions. I ended up doing very well in this particular competition and made it to the finals! In the finals there were two movements that were very difficult for me. One was chest to bar pull-ups. I tried and tried but #struggled just to get one! I ended up tearing up and figured out that I could mix my grip on the pull-up bar and ended up doing single pull-ups until I finished the amount I needed to! I then got off he pull-up bar and made it to the next movement which is an Olympic lift called the Snatch. At the time my snatch wasn’t very good so this weight was very difficult. I ended up hitting the snatch perfectly and got ahead of the 3rd place person so I could stay on the podium! I didn’t win that day but I was able to learn a new skill when put under the pressure! Fast forward to today, I’m able to do muscle ups, legless rope climbs and tons of chest to bar pull-ups! That day still motivates me to get #stronger all the time!




My greatest NUAOBE moment happened 4 months ago when my dream and I came crashing down, quite literally. I’ve always known being a performer and dancer is exhausting but nothing could have prepared me for the moment when I fractured a vertebra on my spine in the middle of a national tour across the county. One show, I get onstage to start our first number that I’m dancing en pointe and feel a shooting pain up my back. Feeling it was too late to call out I had to #NutUp. I couldn’t let my cast mates down and it was too late to call the swing in, so I went back out and cautiously finished the rest of the show, barely. The next day I was taken to urgent care. After an X-ray and evaluation, I was told I had fractured a piece in my back and was not cleared to dance for a long time. I was told I wouldn’t be able to continue the tour and would have to be sent home the next day. I was devastated. I didn’t want to leave my show family and was #heartbroken that such a large piece of my life was being taken away. I shed a lot of tears that night at the show. Tears to my fantastic crew and dressers whom I would miss. Tears for the beautiful show that the cast brought to the stage. Tears that I couldn’t stand next to them like I did every night. The next morning I was put on a plane back to #NYC to begin my recovery of doctors appointments, physical therapy, and rest. Now I'm back on my feet as no injury is going to take me out for long. Dance is my life and I won't ever stop.


Jumping a road on my snowmobile full send NUAOBE




This jump was taken in my home stomping grounds of castle mountain, Alberta. I found a natural hit that we had a little session on at the end of the day. Of course I couldn’t let the other guys hit a jump that I found bigger than me. Probably about 15 feet off the ground and went a distance of about 50-70 feet.

#Competition #GiveItYourAll #NutUpAndOutBallEm


"2013 Skyline Raceway Turbo Blue... I started 6th, but after a 1st lap incident dropped back to 16th. 7 laps later I passed 1st and 2nd off of turn 2 down the backstretch(one being my father), and this was heading into turn 3 right after I did that. I came out of 4 with the race lead. Ended up winning the race when all said and done!"

--Another TRUE #NUAOBE moment when #ItsAllOntheLine -- #sacrifice #whateverittakestoachieveyourgoal


Hello, I’m Alex, 18 years old from Quebec, Canada and I’m here to describe my #NutUpMoment. My passion for Racing is huge, especially for #SprintCars. I’m currently racing in the #iRacing World of Outlaws World Championship, but in August last year I had the opportunity to go real life sprint car racing because of my achievements on the simulation. Once at the track, the atmosphere is completely different and you can feel the energy that it provides. As of a rookie in real racing, going in a 305 sprint car at Castrol Raceway was quite something.After all the heats, I had to go through the B-main. I was able to make the feature after my left front shock was unclipped from the shock tower. The car was very though to drive and I wasn’t going to give up.Come feature time, I started 18th out of 20 cars and made my way through the field one car at a time to finish 6th against more powerful cars. I was awarded the hard charger for passing the most car that night.I can remember going to the green flag and everyone is lined up ready to go and you know you gotta get up on the wheel and get on the throttle. That was one of my favourite moments. As of in the race, every lap is a new challenge and when you sit in that race car, the adrenaline is turned on full speed. With all that being said, my nut up moment is when you go full on out there chasing a dream no one can see but you two feet from the wall.

I didn’t gave up and I never will. That’s what #NUAOBE is about


Alex B.

My name is Phil Hollandsworth and I am a videographer that produces action-packed fishing content for my personal brand HOLL Fishing (instagram, Youtube, Facebook). I have had the opportunity to work with professional athletes, the #BeachbillyLifestyle TV show, and the freestyle fisherman Adam J. Smith! When I'm not fighting sharks from the beach, I love to run over 20 miles offshore to battle one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean...the #AMBERJACK!.

Amberjack have been nicknamed the "reef donkey" because once #hooked, they pull like a freight train! I can lock down 60 lbs. of drag and pull up 6' shark no problem, but a 40" amberjack will continue to pull through locked down drag in attempts to break you off. The #adrenaline rush fighting these powerful fish rivals that of the biggest shark I have ever fought!


My #NUTUP moment happened last year in 2017 while making my first ever appearance at Williams Grove Speedway. The night started out just like any other typical race night, talking with friends, checking out the track, making any adjustments I thought I would need. That night, I was in the first group for practice and luckily I was noticing immediately that I had chosen the wrong gear we only had a short amount of time to change gears and get back out for our Heat race. Being in Heat #1 I had no extra time to make any sort of chassis adjustments to the car. Lined up in the 5th position to take the green right off the bat picked up two spots in the first two laps with these being my first laps ever at the track I NUTTED UP and drove to the lead making the pass for the lead in the last corner coming for the checkered. That is my NUT UP moment, from just the speed you carry at Williams Grove racing side by side and with no experience there I think this qualifies as a great story for this brand!

#Determination #Dedication #Motivation #NUAOBE #FirstPlace


Tubing down the river with some friends we come to a great spot for a small jump or two (maybe a couple flips) of course I had to nut up and out ball em, and take it to the next level. I would say it was well over 60 foot jump into about 12 feet of of water. Needless to say no one out balled me that day, no one would jump it with me. This is the stuff I live for, adrenaline is my favorite feeling in the world. The moments where you have absolutely no time to think about anything but what you are doing at that exact moment. There is something about that exhilarating feeling that is relaxing to me.


I had my right leg electively amputated after 19 surgeries, infections, and struggles with mobility. People told me it was drastic. I've learned how to walk all over again several times and I'm doing it again but even better. I nutted up and balled out to get rid of the bad part of my leg in order to succeed with the good part that was left.
YouTube video is my first walk.


On the 29th of April 2017, I found myself in a position that I could never imagine before. A typical session turned into a catastrophic accident and a week in the hospital. Turns out, falling from 9ft above coping to your face will result in a dislocated & broken jaw, missing teeth, dislocated shoulder, bruised ribs and a concussion. Throughout my #recovery process, being in this position multiple times before, it was hard to not think about the possibilities of hanging up the #bmx bike for good. I also had plenty of time to think about all those who I look up to. That alone, with the passion we share was enough for me to continue riding and pushing myself. So now here I am just over a year later riding and enjoying each moment. Acquired a new full helmet sponsor to back my story and my habits as well. Broken bones will heal, quitting never will. Cheers

Alex C.

Through life you’ll encounter many times obstacles, people, events that might want to stop your momentum and the way you define YOUR LIFE on YOUR TERMS.At 22 when I lost my leg.... that was the moment that seemed like everything that I was before would come to a halt. While my career in the #military certainly did; with a lot of effort, positive people around and the will to "Nut Up And Out Ball‘Em” things came to a change. My doctors suggested to change hobbies and for a while I doubted myself..... But at the end you only have one run on this crazy stream called life so I decided to give kiteboarding another chance.... a hard one! Disabilities should not define you; how you decide to live your life does. It makes you, molds you and gives you strength. Now days I keep putting my two cents within the military family. I teach fellow veterans how to #kiteboard for free within the US with different Non-Profits such as Veterans Adventure Group as well as compete in different kiteboarding events as the only female amputee kiter. I will keep jumping over trees with my kite and keep pushing outwards the misconception, and stigma that disabilities should bound you to a chair. That life is over once you've been through trauma or missing a part of your body; and this is my #NutUp journey!


Speed climb 45 feet straight up and straight back down as fast as you can. The only thing keeping you from falling is a steel corded rope hooked to your belt which goes around the tree and gaffs to push yourself up or to slow yourself down while climbing down.

#KeepClimbing #TowerClimbing #NeverBackDown #NUAOBE


Tower climber at 185 feet in the air! …And this is done daily—No big deal, just have to Nut Up and Out Ball’Em!

Tower Climber

"Over the nearly twenty years that I have been dancing, I have not only made the art a lifelong passion of mine, but I have also learned how to live my life with passion. Finding your passion is to live in the moment; whereas living with passion is to bestow your future self a better life through being #strong and determined in the present. The strength and #determination I have used thus far in my life to work through my rigorous education and through more personal qualms like the loss of loved ones, I realized that having a #passion and living passionately are related but found independent from each other. Everyone will inevitably confront certain peaks and valleys in their life that can either define who they are in the moment or who they will be in the future. By confronting my peaks and valleys with dance as a vessel to ride the storm that tempestuously lies in all valleys and passion as the winds that keep me moving despite all the odds stacked against me, I have been able to continuously persevere and learn how to live passionately in the valley."


This picture was taken in December 2017, I had finally drawn my antlered #elk tag which I had waited 9 years to draw. I had the month of December to hunt for my first elk ever. Hoping to fill the family freezer for the winter, we headed down with our enclosed trailer equipped with a wood burning stove and cots. The first potion of the month was very tough #hunting, I put on over 50 miles on my boots and countless hours looking through the spotting scope, looking for the elusive cypress wapiti. The first three weeks went by without any sign of the elk. We decided to fly the zone to have a bird’s eye view and try to locate the elk, with only finding livestock and beautiful views we were back to square one for the last week. Finally, the weather changed, the temperature dropping drastically to -50 degrees Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) The frigid temperatures made the elk more active, but also took hunting them to the next extreme. Guys were packing their camps up while we decided to #NutUpAndOutBallEm! With working through the small issues of vehicles not starting, pull start cables breaking, waking up multiple times throughout the night to stock the stove to keep warm, and dealing with the storm that came with the cold temperatures. I managed to seal the deal on my first bull elk with 48 hours of the season remaining. The family was happy to fill the freezer for the winter, and it was definitely a moment in my life that I will NEVER forget.



July 16th, 2013, 10AM... I was at St. Joseph's hospital getting prepped for first of two heart surgeries. Just got a little bump in the road. I developed an enlarged heart and it was time to get help or I wasn't going to be around much longer with my life style. Insert the 4 wire Pacemaker/ Defib unit. In the Hospital for 5 days but needed it to be better. My hobby job at the #EmpireSuperSprints is the turn 4 corner worker, while I have a job to make sure the race teams are behaving themselves, more importantly I need to be on the scene of accidents in case of injury. Time can mean everything. One month later I was back on my 4 wheeler doing what I love. Then came Sunday, Sept. 1, well, lets just say I over did it and took an ambulance ride from Utica-Rome Speedway back to St. Joes. Needed some tweaking. Almost 5 years later, listening to the docs, taking my pills doing whatever I need to do to make sure I stand my post in turn 4. Might not be much of an "Out Ball 'em" moment but my racing club is my family and I will be there to someone says I can't. And...I probably still won't listen


It was a weekend of ups and downs. Straight out of the trailer Dawson liked the course a lot which is definitely a #rarity, but a good sign. At the start of the race he was in last place off the line and actually crashed once before entering the woods. Instead of giving up or giving in, he went to work and after the first lap Dawson had worked his way up to 2nd place just 28 seconds out of 1st. On the second lap he made the pass for the lead and never looked back! 1st Place finish with a time of 1:14:02 !!