Alex B.

Hello, I’m Alex, 18 years old from Quebec, Canada and I’m here to describe my nut up moment.

My passion for Racing is huge, especially for Sprint Cars. I’m currently racing in the iRacing World of Outlaws World Championship, but in August last year I had the opportunity to go real life sprint car racing because of my achievements on the simulation. Once at the track, the atmosphere is completely different and you can feel the energy that it provides. As of a rookie in real racing, going in a 305 sprint car at Castrol Raceway was quite something.

After all the heats, I had to go through the B-main. I was able to make the feature after my left front shock was unclipped from the shock tower. The car was very though to drive and I wasn’t going to give up.

Come feature time, I started 18th out of 20 cars and made my way through the field one car at a time to finish 6th against more powerful cars. I was awarded the hard charger for passing the most car that night.

I can remember going to the green flag and everyone is lined up ready to go and you know you gotta get up on the wheel and get on the throttle. That was one of my favourite moments. As of in the race, every lap is a new challenge and when you sit in that race car, the adrenaline is turned on full speed.
With all that being said, my nut up moment is when you go full on out there chasing a dream no one can see but you two feet from the wall.

I didn’t give up and I never will. That’s what NUAOBE is about