Early 2016 I signed with Team ILR, ran by road racing legend Ian Lougher, for a season in British Superstock 1000. This sounds fancy, but in reality I paid them to ride (thanks to my sponsors!). Still – at the time signing was a dream come true. I’d never been more happy. This dream however unraveled quickly, from a scrapped pre-season test, to missing the first race due to a dead battery, to not getting the coaching from Ian that I expected. Especially the latter hit me hard, as it was the main reason for joining the team. On top of that I never felt at home, we never had dinner as a team, etc. This was starting to chip away at me mentally, to the point where I was quicker without team on a trackday, than with team at race meets. The team and I split with 3 rounds left to go, after two adults over twice my age blamed me for ALL of the issues we had that year. I was heartbroken. I almost quit the sport altogether. Yet I realised something VERY important: a good team doesn’t need a big name behind it. Far more important are a great mechanic and atmosphere. I founded my own team, bought my own ZX10R, and switched to road racing. I am the first and only woman to ever compete in IRRC (European road racing series). I finished 14th overall in the Superbike class in 2017, set a fastest lap, and scored multiple top 10s. At the start of 2018, I finished 21st in my first big international road race. I’m the fastest woman by miles at every road I’ve raced. And this is only the beginning