My NUAOBE journey: I have always been active, more of a runner and did very little weights or my lifting consisted of 5# dumbbells. So after college I joined a local gym and could barely do 2 pushups and if there were body weight movements I fell behind. One day I overheard the instructor and another participant talking about me and I heard them say “she’s fast, but she’s not strong.” That resonated in me and my desire to be strong grew like wildfire. I then joined a Crossfit gym and though it didn’t happen overnight I got stronger and gained the ability to do over 25 pushups unbroken. Fast forward to 2 years into doing Crossfit, I did a competition and made it to the finals round. This final event/workout had chest to bar pullups and heavy snatches which I wasn’t able to do yet. After many failed attempts, a few tears, and having every single girl on the floor lap me, I figured out how to do those chest to bar pullups even if they were one rep at a time. I then went on to a barbell that was very heavy for me at the time and finished the rep with just enough time to pass the girl I was next to. It was the best feeling in the world even though I didn’t finish the event or win. Being able to prove other people wrong, be strong and do amazing things is how I #NUAOBE. Pictured is my hands after the day of competing. I literally shed blood, sweat and tears on that competition floor, but I would do it again because I know it has made me stronger mentally and physically.