NUAOBE Moments

“Over the nearly twenty years that I have been dancing, I have not only made the art a lifelong passion of mine, but I have also learned how to live my life with passion. Finding your passion is to live in the moment; whereas living with passion is to bestow your future self a better life through being #strong and determined in the present. The strength and #determination I have used thus far in my life to work through my rigorous education and through more personal qualms like the loss of loved ones, I realized that having a #passion and living passionately are related but found independent from each other. Everyone will inevitably confront certain peaks and valleys in their life that can either define who they are in the moment or who they will be in the future. By confronting my peaks and valleys with dance as a vessel to ride the storm that tempestuously lies in all valleys and passion as the winds that keep me moving despite all the odds stacked against me, I have been able to continuously persevere and learn how to live passionately in the valley.”


It’s kinda hard for me to pick a single moment.. Everyday I do something that I have to literally #NutUp for! Just yesterday, I started working on my 540 flairs. You can see that on my Instagram.

I’ve done so many scary things in the last year that it’s all just a blur now haha

One defining moment was learning this trick.. #TheRockSolid.

It went against all of my racing instincts and was so hard to find the right mind set to be able to let go.

Every time I put my Astars gear on and throw my leg over my bike it means it’s time to #NutUpAndOutBallEm !!


“2013 Skyline Raceway Turbo Blue… I started 6th, but after a 1st lap incident dropped back to 16th. 7 laps later I passed 1st and 2nd off of turn 2 down the backstretch(one being my father), and this was heading into turn 3 right after I did that. I came out of 4 with the race lead. Ended up winning the race when all said and done!”

–Another TRUE #NUAOBE moment when #ItsAllOntheLine — #sacrifice#whateverittakestoachieveyourgoal


I am a gymnast and dancer from Toronto, Canada, I am 15 years old. I did gymnastics 4 times a week, competitively for about 7 years. My journey starts in March 2016, when I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a malignant tumor that originates in the bone. By the time they caught it, it has already metastasized to my lungs. I immediately started chemotherapy and I was afraid that I would never do a flip again, however when I was presented with the option of a rotationplasty, I chose it over a limb salvage surgery because it meant I would still be able to do all my gymnastics and dance tricks but with the help of a prosthetic leg. During surgery, my knee portion with the tumor was removed, and my healthy tibia and foot were rotated and reattached to my upper thigh, so now my ankle is backwards and function as a knee joint when I point and flex my foot. Today after 2 years, 4 lung surgeries, a relapse, and lots of physiotherapy and learning to use my prosthetic leg, I am getting back my gymnastics skills and working my way back into what I always loved to do!
I hope my story inspires others and I want to show that anything is possible if you set your mind to it! If I can flip with a backwards leg, YOU can do whatever you DREAM to do!