This picture was taken in December 2017, I had finally drawn my antlered #elk tag which I had waited 9 years to draw. I had the month of December to hunt for my first elk ever. Hoping to fill the family freezer for the winter, we headed down with our enclosed trailer equipped with a wood burning stove and cots. The first potion of the month was very tough #hunting, I put on over 50 miles on my boots and countless hours looking through the spotting scope, looking for the elusive cypress wapiti. The first three weeks went by without any sign of the elk. We decided to fly the zone to have a bird’s eye view and try to locate the elk, with only finding livestock and beautiful views we were back to square one for the last week. Finally, the weather changed, the temperature dropping drastically to -50 degrees Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) The frigid temperatures made the elk more active, but also took hunting them to the next extreme. Guys were packing their camps up while we decided to #NutUpAndOutBallEm! With working through the small issues of vehicles not starting, pull start cables breaking, waking up multiple times throughout the night to stock the stove to keep warm, and dealing with the storm that came with the cold temperatures. I managed to seal the deal on my first bull elk with 48 hours of the season remaining. The family was happy to fill the freezer for the winter, and it was definitely a moment in my life that I will NEVER forget.


Early 2016 I signed with Team ILR, ran by road racing legend Ian Lougher, for a season in British Superstock 1000. This sounds fancy, but in reality, I paid them to ride (thanks to my sponsors!). Still – at the time signing was a dream come true. I’d never been happier. This dream however unraveled quickly, from a scrapped pre-season test, to missing the first race due to a dead battery, to not getting the coaching from Ian that I expected. Especially the latter hit me hard, as it was the main reason for joining the team. On top of that I never felt at home, we never had dinner as a team, etc. This was starting to chip away at me mentally, to the point where I was quicker without team on a track day, than with team at race meets. The team and I split with 3 rounds left to go, after two adults over twice my age blamed me for ALL the issues we had that year. I was heartbroken. I almost quit the sport altogether. Yet I realized something VERY important: a good team doesn’t need a big name behind it. Far more important are a great mechanic and atmosphere. I founded my own team, bought my own #ZX10R, and switched to road racing. I am the first and only woman to ever compete in #IRRC (European road racing series). I finished 14th overall in the Superbike class in 2017, set a fastest lap, and scored multiple top 10s. At the start of 2018, I finished 21st in my first big international road race. I’m the fastest woman by miles at every road I’ve raced. And this is only the beginning…

As I’m on my #lastlap still moving forward working my way up from last place, I’m still pushing to win, only thought running through my mind is it’ll all be worth it in the end. As I come through scoring I see that I’m in 2nd place, 30 seconds behind the leader!! I was still so stoked, I couldn’t believe I worked my way up from 15th to 2nd!! If anyone knows how #harescrambles work, they are a long 2-hour woods race!! Still working a fulltime job to come home and work in the garage on the quads and make sure they are 100% for #raceday!!

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