Alex C.

On the 29th of April 2017, I found myself in a position that I could never imagine before. A typical session turned into a catastrophic accident and a week in the hospital. Turns out, falling from 9ft above coping to your face will result in a dislocated & broken jaw, missing teeth, dislocated shoulder, bruised ribs and a concussion. Throughout my #recovery process, being in this position multiple times before, it was hard to not think about the possibilities of hanging up the #bmx bike for good. I also had plenty of time to think about all those who I look up to. That alone, with the passion we share was enough for me to continue riding and pushing myself. So now here I am just over a year later riding and enjoying each moment. Acquired a new full helmet sponsor to back my story and my habits as well. Broken bones will heal, quitting never will. Cheers