My greatest NUAOBE moment happened 4 months ago when my dream and I came crashing down, quite literally. I’ve always known being a performer and dancer is exhausting but nothing could have prepared me for the moment when I fractured a vertebra on my spine in the middle of a national tour across the county. One show, I get onstage to start our first number that I’m dancing en pointe and feel a shooting pain up my back. Feeling it was too late to call out I had to #NutUp. I couldn’t let my cast mates down and it was too late to call the swing in, so I went back out and cautiously finished the rest of the show, barely. The next day I was taken to urgent care. After an X-ray and evaluation, I was told I had fractured a piece in my back and was not cleared to dance for a long time. I was told I wouldn’t be able to continue the tour and would have to be sent home the next day. I was devastated. I didn’t want to leave my show family and was #heartbroken that such a large piece of my life was being taken away. I shed a lot of tears that night at the show. Tears to my fantastic crew and dressers whom I would miss. Tears for the beautiful show that the cast brought to the stage. Tears that I couldn’t stand next to them like I did every night. The next morning I was put on a plane back to #NYC to begin my recovery of doctors appointments, physical therapy, and rest. Now I'm back on my feet as no injury is going to take me out for long. Dance is my life and I won't ever stop.