Through life you’ll encounter many times obstacles, people, events that might want to stop your momentum and the way you define YOUR LIFE on YOUR TERMS.At 22 when I lost my leg.... that was the moment that seemed like everything that I was before would come to a halt. While my career in the #military certainly did; with a lot of effort, positive people around and the will to "Nut Up And Out Ball‘Em” things came to a change. My doctors suggested to change hobbies and for a while I doubted myself..... But at the end you only have one run on this crazy stream called life so I decided to give kiteboarding another chance.... a hard one! Disabilities should not define you; how you decide to live your life does. It makes you, molds you and gives you strength. Now days I keep putting my two cents within the military family. I teach fellow veterans how to #kiteboard for free within the US with different Non-Profits such as Veterans Adventure Group as well as compete in different kiteboarding events as the only female amputee kiter. I will keep jumping over trees with my kite and keep pushing outwards the misconception, and stigma that disabilities should bound you to a chair. That life is over once you've been through trauma or missing a part of your body; and this is my #NutUp journey!