This picture was taken in December 2017, I had finally drawn my antlered #elk tag which I had waited 9 years to draw. I had the month of December to hunt for my first elk ever. Hoping to fill the family freezer for the winter, we headed down with our enclosed trailer equipped with a wood burning stove and cots. The first potion of the month was very tough #hunting, I put on over 50 miles on my boots and countless hours looking through the spotting scope, looking for the elusive cypress wapiti. The first three weeks went by without any sign of the elk. We decided to fly the zone to have a bird’s eye view and try to locate the elk, with only finding livestock and beautiful views we were back to square one for the last week. Finally, the weather changed, the temperature dropping drastically to -50 degrees Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) The frigid temperatures made the elk more active, but also took hunting them to the next extreme. Guys were packing their camps up while we decided to #NutUpAndOutBallEm! With working through the small issues of vehicles not starting, pull start cables breaking, waking up multiple times throughout the night to stock the stove to keep warm, and dealing with the storm that came with the cold temperatures. I managed to seal the deal on my first bull elk with 48 hours of the season remaining. The family was happy to fill the freezer for the winter, and it was definitely a moment in my life that I will NEVER forget.