Imagine hearing a shrill, shrieking security alarm going off at around 11:00 pm. Having to run down to the armory to gather the Kevlar vest and helmet, don a utility belt with ammunition and a 9mm handgun, and finally, carry a fully loaded m14 rifle. Now that you're completely #armed, run back up two flights of stairs to patrol the top deck of the ship as the helicopters and rescue boat bring in the Iranian merchant mariners from a nearby sinking ship. Not only are you making sure that the mariners are safe, but you're also making sure that the crew of your own ship was safe and secure. Leading the crew members to the medical facility to be checked over and receive fresh clothes, then down to a secure holding area for the night. Standing guard outside of the door all night long to make sure these foreign sailors did not leave the area and wander off. A night without sleep was a small price to pay to rescue humans in need, but also to ensure that your friends (people that have become brothers and sisters), can rest soundly knowing that there are people on watch to keep them #safe.