A few years ago I was told by an instructor at a gym that I wasn’t strong. I decided to go to a #CrossFit gym and ended up competing in local competitions. I ended up doing very well in this particular competition and made it to the finals! In the finals there were two movements that were very difficult for me. One was chest to bar pull-ups. I tried and tried but #struggled just to get one! I ended up tearing up and figured out that I could mix my grip on the pull-up bar and ended up doing single pull-ups until I finished the amount I needed to! I then got off he pull-up bar and made it to the next movement which is an Olympic lift called the Snatch. At the time my snatch wasn’t very good so this weight was very difficult. I ended up hitting the snatch perfectly and got ahead of the 3rd place person so I could stay on the podium! I didn’t win that day but I was able to learn a new skill when put under the pressure! Fast forward to today, I’m able to do muscle ups, legless rope climbs and tons of chest to bar pull-ups! That day still motivates me to get #stronger all the time!