"Over the nearly twenty years that I have been dancing, I have not only made the art a lifelong passion of mine, but I have also learned how to live my life with passion. Finding your passion is to live in the moment; whereas living with passion is to bestow your future self a better life through being #strong and determined in the present. The strength and #determination I have used thus far in my life to work through my rigorous education and through more personal qualms like the loss of loved ones, I realized that having a #passion and living passionately are related but found independent from each other. Everyone will inevitably confront certain peaks and valleys in their life that can either define who they are in the moment or who they will be in the future. By confronting my peaks and valleys with dance as a vessel to ride the storm that tempestuously lies in all valleys and passion as the winds that keep me moving despite all the odds stacked against me, I have been able to continuously persevere and learn how to live passionately in the valley."