Coleman Gulick, Founder/CEO of NUAOBE

As a person who got a 2nd chance in life I’m thankful for each day I wake up and I get to see my family and friends. Life is short. You never know when it will end.

Greg Rowbottom, FMX Champion

I’m eternally thankful for the opportunity’s the people around me have made possible. Without sponsors like NUAOBE, FXR, ESP and RM to name just a few I would never have been able to achieve my national championship last year and all the podiums this season at the over seas events. However the biggest thanks I have to give are to my closest ones.. my family, my girlfriend, her family and my closest friends 🙂 That tight little crew of people that believe in me and are there through thick and thin! In the end.. the podiums and trophies are cool.. but what really matters are the people that are along with you for the ride 🙂 Spending time with those guys and enjoying every minute of it together.. that’s the most important part!

Tyler Escoto, CamoMMA Champion

I am thankful for my health without my health i wouldn’t be doing anything that I’m grateful for. Thankful for my family that always has my back and friends who never let me down. Thankful for the hardships for teaching me character and thankful for the blessings that keep me humble🙌🏼💙  

Tiffany Wheelock, CrossFit Enthusiast

My name is Tiffany and I’m writing to tell you about something I’m thankful for this year! I am a CrossFit athlete and back in March I had a hip injury that kept me from training the way that I wanted to. I was told that I may have a torn labrum, so I worked really hard on recovery and training in different ways to maintain strength and in some ways come out of this injury even stronger than before! Flash forward to today and I am about 95% recovered and back to training hard! I’m so thankful to be healthy, able to train hard and do the things I love again without pain! Happy holidays!




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