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Category : $1,500 CONTEST

My name is Emma and I am 15 years old. I am a gymnast and dancer from Toronto, Canada. I did gymnastics 4 times a week, competitively for about 7 years. My journey starts in March 2016, when I was

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Alex C.

Category : $1,500 CONTEST

On the 29th of April 2017, I found myself in a position that I could never imagine before. A typical session turned into a catastrophic accident and a week in the hospital. Turns out, falling from 9ft above coping to

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Category : $1,500 CONTEST

This picture was taken in December 2017, I had finally drawn my antlered elk tag which I had waited 9 years to draw. I had the month of December to hunt for my first elk ever.Hoping to fill the family

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Alex B.

Category : $1,500 CONTEST

Hello, I’m Alex, 18 years old from Quebec, Canada and I’m here to describe my nut up moment.

My passion for Racing is huge, especially for Sprint Cars. I’m currently racing in the iRacing World of Outlaws World Championship, but

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Category : $1,500 CONTEST

Early 2016 I signed with Team ILR, ran by road racing legend Ian Lougher, for a season in British Superstock 1000. This sounds fancy, but in reality I paid them to ride (thanks to my sponsors!). Still – at the

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Category : $1,500 CONTEST

My NUAOBE journey: I have always been active, more of a runner and did very little weights or my lifting consisted of 5# dumbbells. So after college I joined a local gym and could barely do 2 pushups and if

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Category : $1,500 CONTEST

As I’m on my last lap still moving forward working my way up from last place, I’m still pushing to win, only thought running through my mind is it’ll all be worth it in the end. As I come through

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Category : $1,500 CONTEST

It was a weekend of ups and downs, straight out of the trailer he liked the course a lot which is definitely a rarity but a good sign. At the start of the race he was in last place off

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Category : $1,500 CONTEST

My greatest Nuaobe moment happened 4 months ago when my dream and I came crashing down, quite literally. I’ve always known being a performer and dancer is exhausting but nothing could have prepared me for the moment when I fractured

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Category : $1,500 CONTEST

Through life, you’ll encounter many times obstacles, people, events that might want to stop your momentum and the way you define YOUR LIFE on YOUR TERMS.
At 22 when I lost my leg…. that was the moment that seemed like

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